Starting a Great Business with Great Assistance.

In running a business, it is not enough to just market and sell products or services. There are several rules in the business world that you must follow in order to prosper; especially, for newcomers. It is critical for new business people to understand the rules that apply, to run their business effectively. New business […]

Pros Assist invited to join Handpicked Accountants

The whole team at Pros Assist are thrilled to announce our inclusion on Handpicked Accountants, a new initiative based in London, backed by leading professional services company, Begbies Traynor. Handpicked Accountants was set up to provide business owners and individuals alike a platform through which to find the right accountant for them. Customers can search […]

5 Tax return errors made by small businesses

According to HMRC, tax doesn’t have to be taxing – but sometimes, unfortunately, it is. Running a small business can be incredibly tough and gathering all the information needed to file your taxes at the end of the tax year can be a draining and difficult process for all involved. We are, ultimately, only human, […]

7 Practical Tips for SME Business to Take a Long Vacation

For numerous SME business owner, and also particularly single investors who are the business and also sell their time, taking time out of a small business and also having a holiday could be more stressful compared to not having a holiday at all. Even the idea of it could create a business owner to burst […]

Tax relief changes for landlords in 2018

Buy-to-let has become a massive incentive for people looking to make investments over the years, especially in a country where cities are vastly populated by students and more people choosing to rent as opposed to buying. It’s an excellent way of increasing your income whilst also investing for the future.   In 2015, the annual […]

What’s happening with the pound post-Brexit?

It has been four months since 51.9 per cent of the population voted to leave the EU. As we all expected, the pound dropped considerably immediately after the announcement was made. But, now the dust has somewhat settled and Theresa May has stated that Article 50 will be invoked by the end of March 2017, […]

Four things you can do to help your accountant

Of course, your accountant is responsible for providing you with a first-rate service, ensuring your books are in order, your tax return is filed on time, and you are taking advantage of all legitimate tax breaks that are available to you. However, accountants aren’t magicians, and they will need a bit of help from you […]

7 Signs You Need Help With Your Accountant

The benefits of hiring an accountant are extensive; you can have peace of mind that everything from your tax returns to your general financial welfare is being taken care of. However, this will only be the case if you choose an accountant with care. Below, we will take a look at seven signs that you […]

Know Your Expenses – What Can I Claim For?

If you’re self-employed, then it’s incredibly important to know your expenses when it comes to filing your annual taxes. Naturally as a business you will have various running costs that need to be accounted for, but there are some that are allowable expenses. These can be deducted from your business income to calculate your taxable […]

HMRC To Crack Down On “Cottage Industries”

Whilst the UK Government provides much support for entrepreneurs and self-employed businesses, there are some that aren’t towing the line. It seems that across a number of industries, there are instances where “cottage industries” are being set up to take advantage of subcontracting work and avoiding paying the right amount of tax. This is something […]