Pros Assist invited to join Handpicked Accountants

The whole team at Pros Assist are thrilled to announce our inclusion on Handpicked Accountants, a new initiative based in London, backed by leading professional services company, Begbies Traynor. Handpicked Accountants was set up to provide business owners and individuals alike a platform through which to find the right accountant for them. Customers can search […]

5 Tax return errors made by small businesses

According to HMRC, tax doesn’t have to be taxing – but sometimes, unfortunately, it is. Running a small business can be incredibly tough and gathering all the information needed to file your taxes at the end of the tax year can be a draining and difficult process for all involved. We are, ultimately, only human, […]

Tax relief changes for landlords in 2018

Buy-to-let has become a massive incentive for people looking to make investments over the years, especially in a country where cities are vastly populated by students and more people choosing to rent as opposed to buying. It’s an excellent way of increasing your income whilst also investing for the future.   In 2015, the annual […]

Will Brexit Affect Our Taxes?

Now that the dust has settled on the referendum results there have been many words spoken by many experts regarding the potential pros and cons of what it all means for Britain. But one of the things which many people want to know is – how will the result affect them and their finances personally. […]

HMRC To Crack Down On “Cottage Industries”

Whilst the UK Government provides much support for entrepreneurs and self-employed businesses, there are some that aren’t towing the line. It seems that across a number of industries, there are instances where “cottage industries” are being set up to take advantage of subcontracting work and avoiding paying the right amount of tax. This is something […]

How an accountant can help your business

Firstly, ask yourself, why do I need an accountant? You may have recently started up a new business either as a sole trader or a partnership, or have incorporated a company. You may have rental income from properties. You may have made a capital gain from selling a property. You may have foreign income that […]

Checking your payslip for errors

I always get told by people that they think ‘they are being taxed too much’ and the ‘employer is taking too much of their money’. It is the employers’ responsibility to pay HM Revenue & Customs the tax and National Insurance Contributions due by the employees. But it is the employees’ responsibility to inform HM […]

Use of Home as an Office is an allowable business expense

There has been a big increase in people becoming self-employed in the past couple of years. A lot of start-ups have begun in bedrooms and study rooms. Successful businesses are still being carried out at home after several years of trading. H M Revenue & Customs provides an entitlement for those that do not rent […]

VAT – will your business benefit from the Flat Rate Scheme?

As an SME, whether you are self employed or a limited company, if your turnover becomes above £82,000 (£81,000 2015) then you are obliged to register for VAT. You are therefore obliged to charge VAT on your sales, at the going rate, currently 20%, and claim VAT on your expenses accordingly. At the end of […]

The Importance of Hiring a Great Accountant

Every business, big or small, needs to hire an accountant to protect the financial integrity of the organisation. Many business owners think that with the assistance of handy software such as QuickBooks, they can personally handle the accounting, and truth be told, that is the biggest mistake a business owner can make. When business owners […]